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Jordan has no conventional oil and gas reserves, unlike most other countries throughout the Middle East, it is amongst the highest in the world in dependency on foreign energy sources, with 96% of the country's energy needs coming from imported oil and natural gas from neighboring Middle Eastern countries.


Water supply and sanitation in Jordan is characterized by severe water scarcity, Jordan is considered as one of the ten most water scarce countries in the world. High population growth, the depletion of groundwater reserves and the impacts of climate change are likely to aggravate the situation in the future.


The Power Generation portfolio in Jordan includes fuel oil-fired steam generating units, gas fired combustion turbines, diesel-fired combustion turbines, diesel engines and renewable energy (Solar and wind) The electricity sector in Jordan includes the following working utilities:


Jordan is a significant supplier of bromine, DAP, NPK, phosphoric and sulfuric acid, potassium nitrate and specialty fertilizers to the world.


Jordan’s natural resources include phosphates, potash, shale oil and uranium. More than 60 per cent of the area of Jordan has phosphate deposits at minable depth